Last week we sat on the couch with our late night smoothies + summer sausage and wrote down words that describe people. What? You don’t do that in your spare evening time? 🙂

The scoop is, it involved preparation for a game we’ll be playing at an upcoming fall party. I won’t disclose too much more about the game in case some of the party-goers are reading this, but I will tell you this much. We came up with a spiritual word to describe each couple attending, and it was rather fascinating. I penned words like: committed, encouraging, sincere. Then I told Jonathan, “I wonder what word people would use to describe us?”

It really is sobering.

Now I doubt people sit around with their notebooks on a regular basis and write down words that describe each other — but they do formulate thoughts and opinions and impressions. Mentally. Sometimes verbally. Granted, impressions aren’t always correct, but the Bible does say, “By their fruits you shall know them.”

If a person is consistently kind and gracious and self-controlled, it’s not hard to see. You will see it on their facial countenance and hear it in their speech. On the flip side, if a person is harboring anger and bitterness and speaks harsh words, it won’t take much to figure that out.

What impressions are we giving people by the lives we live?

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