Foodie Ramblings From My Corner of the Couch

Ahh, food. That part of life that we just can’t do without, like it or not.  Sometimes I overflow with menu ideas, and sometimes I wish a chef would come take over my kitchen for a week. (Or at least make a gourmet breakfast every morning 😉 ) I like to cook, but everyone runs dry on ideas (and meat in the freezer) at some point.

So on this rainy, dreary night, here are a few foodie ramblings from my corner of the couch.

I recently discovered the fun of making homemade fries. It never fails to thrill me that a boring, plain potato can be transformed into these crispy morsels of goodness. AND. This is the best part. They’re homegrown organic potatoes tossed with olive oil, well-seasoned + baked in the oven til crisp. Okay, so potatoes aren’t the most nutritious food ever, but hey, at least they are the most healthy fries you will probably ever get! Paired with malt vinegar? Um!Recent lightbulb moment: Instead of always halving a recipe that is way too much for us to eat, go ahead and make the whole recipe. Half is for supper and half goes into a freezer pan. Give to a friend who is sick or overwhelmed or grieving or just needs a boost. Easy peasy and doesn’t take a huge amount of extra work, since you were making supper anyway. This was Chipotle in a Bowl.This meal made me feel so old world. Lentil Stew + Crusty [Rosemary] Bread always does that to me. Paired with apples + cheese, it makes the perfect fallish type meal. We may have had the leftovers for Sunday lunch while playing Settlers. 😉

Other top favorites as of late:

  • Brown Butter Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing Longest name ever, but my hubby declares them his favorite cupcakes ever. Confession: the icing and the cupcakes keep coming out unevenly, so I keep having to make consecutive new batches of each. Hehe! 😉
  • Zuppa Toscana [Copycat Olive Garden] This soup makes your house smell like you are GOURMET. Think garlic and sausage and bacon smells wafting through your house… And it tastes even better than it smells!
  • Salted Caramel Sauce + Stuff This blog post made me want salted caramel sauce right now. Which unfortunately is not possible with no heavy cream in the house. I want to make this for our fall party that’s coming up.
  • Steel Cut Oats topped with our own raspberries + drizzled maple syrup. It was the perfect breakfast for a misty, dreary morning.

What are your current food favorites?

4 thoughts on “Foodie Ramblings From My Corner of the Couch

  1. Cashew chicken. I’m making it for the third time on Friday evening in about as many weeks. And I love it that I can make soup again, now that the weather is cooler. Last night it was cauliflower soup, and then I get to have the leftovers for my lunches!


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