Photo Shoot Outtakes

I’m currently editing our Christmas pictures and ran across some funny + sweet outtakes! Let’s just say that taking a family picture has reached a whole new level when it involves a little person. She didn’t cry, but no smiles for the camera that day.This picture just melts my heart. It was completely unposed — I think I was just testing lighting/positioning of the camera. Here we have a “Bring me more seed in the field” phone call, a teething baby’s pooched out cheeks, and the trusty farm truck. :ODog Rivals With Baby for Master’s Attention. 😉

                                                                          I call this: The boots that would not stay on. We spent half the time just putting them back on…Because straw is more fun to play with than pumpkins… 😉


And the family pictures that turned out? You’ll have to wait for Christmastime to see them. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Photo Shoot Outtakes

  1. These are too cute! Taking pictures with a little one is no small task…it’s hilarious the amount of funny faces you capture on them when you’re snapping away trying to get the perfect smile from them. 😀


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