Happy Travels To Us

So I just read some travel blogs/articles and have been severely bitten. By the travel bug, that is. 😉

We have several trips this month — a long weekend trip to a wedding down south, and an almost week-long chorus tour down south. (See a theme here? I say it’s unfortunate that we’re not going to these warm places in the middle of winter) One trip will be on a plane plus a few hours of driving. The other is on a big tour bus with about 40 other people.

We’ve traveled many times before, but this is our first time traveling extensively with a baby and it’ll be interesting to see how it goes. 🙂 She’s been a trooper on our shorter road trips, and doesn’t mind her car seat, so I’m not terribly worried. As long as the air pressure doesn’t hurt her ears on the plane, I think she’ll be fine.

I’m trying a few “new” things this time:

  1. Packing outfits in gallon sized Ziploc bags. I tried this out for Avi on a couple weekend trips, and it seemed to work great. Pack each day’s necessities in a separate bag — for Aviella it looked like this: 6 diapers, the day’s outfit, burp cloth, socks, and a sleeper/PJs for that night. I packed extra outfits all together in a separate bag or two. It was so handy to have everything that I needed for the day all packed together in one gallon bag, and it eliminated digging around in the suitcase trying to find things. Dirty clothes go back into the same Ziploc. I’m doing this for myself too!
  2. Ordering a couple of books I’ve been wanting to read for awhile, and making myself wait to read ’til the trip to read them. (This only works if your books actually COME IN TIME. Sigh. It’s rather frustrating when the package tracking info says the book has been delivered and you haven’t seen hide or hair of it. Most likely it’ll come the day we leave, which is before the mail goes)
  3. Leaving the house as clean and tidied up as possible. It’s just so much nicer coming home to a clean house. I liked to try to follow this principle in the past, but inevitably there’d be clean piles of laundry or discarded clothes on the bed that didn’t make the packing cut. I’m trying a little harder this time. 🙂 (now, if only the fridge were cleaned out…)

And a few things I’m doing the same:

  1. Packing in the same color scheme to minimalize and pack lighter. If you read packing blogs at all, you’ll know that this nothing new. I’ve found that it is really helpful on cutting back on taking too much. For instance, I originally had packed a brown schemed outfit for church on Sunday. After realizing that it was my only outfit with brown and that I’d have to pack a whole ‘nother set of shoes just for Sunday morning, I decided to scrap it and chose something that will match with the silver sandals I was already taking. Trying to do carry-ons only, so we’ll see if that works with a baby. 🙂
  2. Snacks. I always, ALWAYS take snacks when we travel. My go-to is fiber balls, which are a granola type bar/ball that contain oatmeal, peanut butter, honey, etc. You never know when you’ll be eating or not eating (especially when you’re flying) and with my fast metabolism, I like to have something along that is high protein to tide me over until we can eat a real meal. For one trip I’m taking snack crackers, fiber balls, a couple apples, and a few pomegranate chocolates for a treat.
  3. Pack important documents such as passport, boarding passes, birth certificate, etc in a little pouch/purse in an easy to access place. This makes security lines SO much easier!

Happy travels to us! 🙂

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