The Art of Loving// How YOU Can Help Refugees

I think we’re all aware of the horrors of terrorism and persecution happening on the other side of the world. Often there is mention made on the news of the political and violent unrest going on in various parts of the world. If you’re anything like me, the awfulness of it grips you, but you feel helpless and unsure of what you could do to help those far-away people who are suffering.

Well, some of them are not so far away.

Recently, I was made aware of a program that helps refugees that are right here in our very own Lancaster County. It’s called: Showers of Support For Pregnant Refugees. The global organization Church World Service has a branch in Lancaster that is geared toward helping refugees, and a local volunteer named Mindy has taken the initiative to bless pregnant refugees. The purpose of the program is to collect baby items, and then have baby showers for these ladies. There are three Somali women, one Nepali, One Burmese, and one Cuban who may be receiving showers in the future.

I can’t imagine being in the shoes of these ladies. The violence of terror. Running for your life. Escaping your own country and all the adjustments of living in a new country. So much upheaval and turmoil. All this on top of the emotions and change that goes along with carrying and preparing for a baby.

You can help.

This is a list of the items they are looking for:

Car seats
Baby bags
Baby gates
Diapers (disposable or cloth)
Pack and plays
Baby clothes
Sanitary pads- heavy

If you are interested in giving to help these pregnant refugees, the drop-off location is at Church World Services – 308 E King St, Lancaster, PA. It’s best if you call/email in and schedule a time to drop items off so that Christine can meet you and help ensure that the items get to the right place. If you know me in real life, contact me and I would be happy to collect any items you may have and get them to CWS.

They are also looking for people to help decorate & make food for the showers. You can call Christine Baer (717-358-9278) or email ( for more information and check out their facebook information page.

Please share this post/info with your friends and family. These ladies need our help, and who better to help them then us? After all, we are the hands & feet of Christ.

*This post was not sponsored in any way. I just want to get the word out and make more people aware of this need. Christine Baer of CWS granted permission to share this information.*Past posts in the Art of Loving series:

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2 thoughts on “The Art of Loving// How YOU Can Help Refugees

  1. I’ve been following along with your blog posts this summer and have been loving them. But I haven’t taken the time to say so because I was often reading them on my phone, and commenting that way can be a pain. Keep it up, girl.

    There are so many ways to minister to others. I love this suggestion. My uncle runs a doctors office in Buffalo, NY, and works mainly with refugees there. My grandma sews blankets and croquets caps for all of the newborns. It’s so fun to watch how excited and blessed she is to make the items and to hear stories about how excited and blessed the new moms were when they received them.


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