Farmers + Birthdays

I married a farmer.

This means that I now care a great deal more about things like timely rains and whether the hay is dry enough to bale. I also take random picnics out to the field on busy days. And now farmers have a soft place in my heart. ❤This farmer happens to have a birthday today, and we are celebrating!  (Mostly with food, hehe) I’m “taking” him to Shady Maple for breakfast, and supper will be all his favorite foods. Our families both have the same tradition of the birthday person picking the meal, so we’ve continued that in our home as well. 🙂

Happy Birthday,  Sweetheart!

3 thoughts on “Farmers + Birthdays

  1. Happy birthday to your honey!! That picture of him and Avi is absolutely priceless. A framer for sure. A farmer framer. 😉


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