August Tidbits

A few words describing life lately.

Grilling. We are certainly making up for not eating much grilled food last summer. More often than not, our meals have been grilled. One week it was chicken at our house, hamburgers the next two nights at friend’s houses, then chicken the next day at the farm. Our new favorite this year is vegetable packets. Fill tin foil with any fresh veggies you have around: here it’s carrots, peppers, onions, squash, and zucchini. Slice butter on top and sprinkle with salt and any other seasonings. They are so yummy!Hosting. I smile whenever I think of that night when a few of us gathered for a lawn party, and ended up talking late into the night, over cups of freshly ground coffee + watermelon. There were lots of laughs and a few tears too. I always forget to take pictures of these things, but that’s okay. Currently in the thick of planning our first neighborhood picnic — to be held here, NEXT WEEK. 🙂 (eek!)

Canning. Yes, I’m at it again. 🙂 Today was more salsa and I did some blackberry jam for fun! Not pictured: the howling baby, streaming eyes (onions, ya know), and the messy sink.Baby. Sometimes I just want to cuddle her all day long, because it still seems unbelievable that she is real. And she is ours. Of course, all the rolls make her that much more irresistible. 🙂 (Yes, I am a biased parent)Singing. We’re nearing the end of chorus practice season, and I will admit that I’m ready to be done practicing and begin with the programs. I am enjoying the songs we’re singing this year immensely, though, and may or may not sing them over and over throughout the week. Today it was, “He giveth, and giveth, and giveth again…” (repeat 50x)Sometimes I feel panicky when I think of how fast summer is going and how much we want to do yet! And then I think of fall and all the fun things that go with it and it’s a little more okay to watch summer’s end draw nearer…

What have you been enjoying this summer?


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