Friday Five

Just poppin’ in to say hi…

//Five Current Things//

Eating: Black Bean + Corn Salsa. Summer explosion in your mouth! And you know all that zucchini that seems to pile up this time of year? Go make these.  Moist chocolate-y zucchini bread? Yes please. I baked them in muffin tins and like them almost better that way!

Listening: No More Mommy Brain: Finding the Time for Learning

Reading: Baby books. I have always dreamed of reading out loud to my children, and suddenly it occurred to me that *lightbulb* I can start that NOW. (Still working on that mom-brain 😉 ) So Avi and I read together almost every day. It amazes me how still she sits and how intently she looks at the pictures. This from an active wiggleworm such is her is nothing short of amazing!

Seeing: The Mount Everest of dirty dishes in my kitchen. But that just means that this morning’s jars of V8 juice are sealed and cooling on my counter. This week’s canning included banana pepper rings, salsa, V8 juice, and carrots. Purple carrots, at that! A new experiment this year. 🙂 They are basically the same as regular carrots, only with a beautiful purple hue to the skin and they are a little extra nutritious.

Feeling: Happy that the weekend is almost here! I’m feeling much better, plus we have two evening supper invitations with great friends + a fun area Family Farm Days on the agenda this weekend.

Back to the dishes while baby’s sleeping. Have a good weekend, friends!


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