My Friday Exhaustion Plan

The little one is snoozing in her car seat, where she’s been ever since we got back from taking her daddy breakfast in the field. The humidity is building to it’s 91 degree climax today. (A little sticky in this un-airconditioned house) I woke up with a sore throat and cough, and two weeks worth of tiredness. Definitely ready to get back to a normal schedule of being at home and not commuting to the hospital every day.

This is my How To Deal With Friday Exhaustion plan. (At least for today)

1. Sit on the couch and drink coffee and pretend all the strawberries, laundry, dishes, lunch prep, weeding, watering, and supper packing up aren’t staring you in the face. (Okay, so ignoring the work isn’t going to make it go away, but giving yourself a breather is important.)

2. Make a list. Put even the smallest of tasks on the list, to give yourself the satisfaction of crossing off completed items. 🙂 Include things such as blog and make that strawberry pie crust that has been pushed to the back burner for days. (In other words, work that is more pleasurable to the taste buds and creative).

3. Be very very thankful for the extremely long nap Avi is taking. And hope she’s happy for the rest of the day!

4. Listen to online podcasts to make boring tasks more enjoyable.

5. Promise myself a reward when work list is completed. Iced coffee and a good book? Yes please. 🙂

 How do you cope when exhaustion comes to visit and you need to motivate yourself?


6 thoughts on “My Friday Exhaustion Plan

  1. We’d be good friends. This sounds exactly like something I would do. I am constantly rewarding myself for good behavior, such as completing chores and tasks I’d rather not do. Haha. And I often make to-do lists – and include things such as ‘write blog post’. 🙂


  2. I love to-do lists! When I am overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done, writing it down helps me to focus better. On the days where I’d rather just curl up with a book, I remind myself that I will feel so much more satisfied if I get my work done first.


  3. I am super lame when I am exhausted. Basically I do one task on the list, make a cup of tea and relax till it’s gone, do another task, make another cup of tea, repeat, repeat. Usually I get only 1/2 of my list done, but I am well hydrated 🙂 and don’t feel worn down.


    1. Ha! Well, my plan doesn’t always work. In other words, the Saturday Exhaustion Plan looked like this: sleep on the couch. Drag oneself up and do a tiny little task. Sleep some more. Decide to wait ’til Monday to do anything too big. Sleep some more.


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