Things I Understand Better

There are some things that I just didn’t fully understand before I experienced them myself.

Like how much it would mean to have people bring me meals after Aviella was born. Gifts are definitely appreciated, but food was way bigger of a deal. One of those necessary things and it was nice to have husband fed well and not have to be worrying about cooking when Avi was just tiny.

Now I want to take baby meals to people, because I know how awesome and helpful it was.

Like how much it means to have people come see you when you’re spending day after day in a hospital waiting room. (My mother-in-law is recovering from heart surgery) The days get really long and boring, and it’s nice to have people to hang out with + talk to. Several people brought us snacks, and a whole supper came rolling in last night. So good to taste home-cooked food! The cafeteria food is good, but it’s just not quite the same.

Now I want to do things for people sitting in waiting rooms, because I know how much it means to have support + care.

Like how much it means to have someone iniate friendship when you are the new one in the community. It’s hard to start over, and I didn’t fully realize the extent of that until I moved to another state. I’ve made some wonderful friends here — it just takes awhile when you’re adjusting to a new area.

Now I want to make sure I reach out to new-to-the-area ladies , because I know how it feels to be that new person and how much it means when someone iniates friendship.

april13Where have I been? We’ve just had a week marathon of graduation, two weddings in one day, overnight company, family gathering, more overnight company, chorus practice, strawberries, surgery, days + days in ICU waiting room, crockpot meals for waiting room, more strawberries, and are now coming up on more waiting room trips + two more rounds of company.

In other words, we’re going through alot of coffee these days. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Things I Understand Better

  1. I love this, and you’re right, sometimes actually going through something yourself makes you realize what’s important and what has the most impact. What’s good about this post is that for those that haven’t been in the same situation, they now know what they can do to help, when maybe they just don’t know. ♥ Prayers for your mother-in-law.


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