Come Sit On My Front Porch…

Come in the cool of the morning,
 and we'll enjoy a freshly ground cup of coffee.
Guatemalan or Ethiopian --roasted just last week.
The morning traffic hums by, the birds are chirping, 
and the morning air is refreshing.
We'll sit out there 'til the baby wakes up for her breakfast.

If you come in the afternoon,
the sun will kiss your skin (work on the tan?)
 and a tall glass of meadow tea 
would be just perfect.

If you're lucky, we might even have 
fresh strawberry pie stashed in the fridge 
or I could always whip up some hot pepper jelly dip.
(Can you tell what I'm hungry for right now? ;) )

And then there's evening.
That's when hubby & I sit out and enjoy
the freshly mulched flowerbed and talk about our day.
With another cup 'o coffee, of course.
Or ice cream, on occasion.
It's cool and quiet and peaceful.
If you join us, we'll add a couple of chairs 
and hash out life's problems.

Why wait til we're old to sit on the front porch?
Let's enjoy it now!
That's our theory, anyway.

We found these porch rockers at a garage sale the beginning of May.
"A Mother's Day gift! " Jonathan said.
Come to find out, he likes them as much as I do.
So we decided that one is for Mother's Day and the other is for Father's Day. Ha!!

Come sit on my front porch!

5 thoughts on “Come Sit On My Front Porch…

  1. I wish! Your porch and flowers are adorable and it all looks so inviting. I have a tiny porch with just enough room for a geranium or two. πŸ™‚


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