Life in Numbers // 2

IMG_2511Life in numbers.

63// Number of years that the National Day of Prayer has been in existence in this nation. Don’t forget to pray for our government today!

 5// Number of Gerber daisies I planted this afternoon. I loved how they bloomed all summer long, so I decided to plant them again this year.\

51// Number of pages I’ve read in my new book: How To Love Your Neighbor Without Being Weird. Super good read so far. Reaching out to our neighbors is something we both feel called to, and I’m enjoying the insights of the author so far.

3// Number of trips I’ve made to the greenhouse this year so far. I can’t seem to get everything in one trip! 😉

8// Weeks since they placed a wiggly little newborn in my arms. She’s growing so fast!

87// Number of degrees predicted for Monday’s high temperature. Hello, summer!

15// Number of days ’til I get to hug my family again. 🙂

Countless// Number of diapers changed in the last 8 weeks. (ha!)

Blessed, that’s what I am. Have a happy Thursday!


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