Aviella Joy
March 12, 2015
6 lb + 15 oz
20 inches

…and she’s stolen her daddy’s heart already!IMG_0522

– – – – – –

Some of you may have guessed what the sudden blog silence was all about. (Kudos to the friend who emailed and wondered if the silence meant baby)

Why yes, it did. 🙂

We’re so grateful and blessed to have our healthy little girl safely here with us.  There are adjustments, of course, but that’s to be expected. (Even pregnancy insomnia couldn’t adequately prepare one for being on demand every several hours ’round the clock) It’s an honor to care for such a precious miracle. We’re enjoying her so much! Praising God for His generous gift to us.


14 thoughts on “Introducing

  1. Congratulations! There is nothing so sweet as taking care of a newborn and then enjoying them to the fullest as they grow!


  2. I am thrilled beyond words for ALL of you!!! She is blessed also with such wonderful parents ~ so so happy for you. ♥


    1. So happy for you that your precious little one has arrived to fill your arms and your hearts with joy!!! Rich blessings on all three of you!! (:


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