The First Time I Traveled Halfway Around The World

Ahhh, I can’t help but think that my mind will always turn to Australia when the month of March rolls around. I can just see myself as a white-haired old lady sitting in her rocking chair reminiscing to anyone who will listen, “I remember that first time I got to travel halfway around the world…”

Exactly a year ago, we were boarding a plane and headed west to a land I had never been to before. I was over the moon ecstatic, as you can well imagine. 🙂 In fact, I’ve never been that excited about the prospect of sitting in one spot for so many hours straight. 😉 It was a necessary means to an end, and I actually didn’t mind the flying all that much. Good thing, because fifty hours of in-the-air time is a long time.australia[And here would be a perfect place to insert some journal entries from a year ago. Only — I have pregnancy brain and have no earthly idea where that travel journal currently is :/]

A few memories that come to mind:
Those many times we ate lamb (mmm!!), but especially the time we were hosted for a formal dinner by a well-to-do sheep rancher + his wife at their original English home. There were at least four different couples there plus Jonathan’s boss & his son — and when they seated us, they mixed us all up. I ended up between the host and Bill the rancher, across the table from my hubby. Quite unique! [There are sheep everywhere in Australia!]IMG_3561The day we toured Sydney and then ended up at Manly Beach. Dipping my toes in the Pacific Ocean all the way on the other side of the world? Fantastic!aus155And this little charming oceanside fish ‘n chips restaurant didn’t hurt the whole experience. Num!aus151Cooking in an Aussie kitchen! I was happy to have something to do with some of my time, while everyone else was occupied with speaking at workshops for three days. The lady of the house we stayed at was heavily involved in coordinating the workshop, so she was busy from morning ’til evening. It was fun to have everything ready when everyone came in — tired + worn out from the day. She had these lovely travel placemats to use, burlap-look napkins, candles for atmosphere — she gave me instructions for the main dish, I added a nice salad and veggie, and voila — dinner. Most adventuresome was figuring out the Celcius oven, cooking without the normal measuring cups, and finding kangaroo in the freezer! ha 🙂aus221aus203Lots and lots and LOTS of flying time. I did a lot of reading. And writing. And sleeping. I also learned how to do Sudoku in the back of airline magazines. 😉 (It may or may not have been out of pure boredom)aus54

Australia, it was good. I hope to be back someday!

: : : : : :

P.S. Here are a few posts from last year, if you want to see a few more pictures.

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2 thoughts on “The First Time I Traveled Halfway Around The World

  1. How fun! A friend of mine was an exchange student there years ago. She said she made them Rice Krispie treats because they’d never heard of them. I don’t know why I remember that (probably because it has to do with food) – oh, and also the toilet flushed in reverse. I bet you made some wonderful memories there!


    1. Lol, I never noticed that about the toilets! Too funny 🙂 I love the way they abbreviate everything — hubby and I still call breakfast “brekkie” and air conditioning “air con”, just for fun. 🙂


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