Love Challenge Revisited

A few weeks ago, I posted a Love Challenge for February.

So how did I do?

Week 1 // Feb 1-7

Since I decided to do this challenge on the 4th of February, there wasn’t a whole lot of time left in the week. I ended up making these, minus the sandwich bun toppings (really, they are just an incredibly soft roll) with plans to give a basket of them + apple butter to our soon-to-be new neighbors. They’re working like crazy to get into their house sometime in February. Well, this was a fail. We ended up eating them ourselves, as they never made it over to the neighbors. Ooops. Sometimes the good intentions never get carried out.

Week 2 // Feb 8-14

My in-laws were on vacation for almost 2 weeks, and they came home this week. Before they arrived, we stuck a few things in their house to welcome them home. A plate of sweets + fresh creamer in the fridge so they could have their coffee right away. 🙂

Week 3 // Feb 15-21

This week was BUSY with lots of Valentine’s Day party prep and other things going on. Saturday we had a looong snowstorm that lasted from 11 am ’til well after dark — I think it was still snowing at 10:30-11 pm. Just for fun, I mixed up a batch of doughnuts. After they were all finished and dripping in glaze, we packaged some up, bundled ourselves up, and traipsed through the soft snow to visit some neighbors and deliver our treats. I think we enjoyed it almost as much as they did!IMG_0225

Week 4 // Feb 22-28

I had a hard time being intentional this week, for some reason. I thought of different things to do, but lacked the energy and motivation to carry through with them. (Letter writing + sending gluten-free cookies to a friend at Bible School) A few misc things I ended up doing were making a little snack of cookies + coffee for the Bible Study hosted here on Wednesday night (just because I could) and also texting a friend to ask how they could specifically use prayer right now.

Somehow, it looks like there is a common theme almost every week… Food. *sheepish grin* What can I say, it’s fun to give people goodies. 😉 This challenge was good for me, because it kept me accountable and reminded me to consciously look for ways to bless and love other people around me. It’s easy to get caught up in myself, especially in the month of February when there are events like birthdays + Valentine’s Day. 🙂 I’ve also been rather occupied with preparing for our little one + taking care of the sick husband — and of course those are the top priorities of who I love and take care of first. It’s good for me to learn how to love others at the same time. 🙂

: : : : : 

How about you? Did anyone else join me? If so, I’d love to hear from you about the specific ways you found to love others around you.


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