The Plant Project

At the beginning of January, I put out a request on facebook that went something like this:

Hey green thumb friends! As a little project for our house, I’d like to collect some more houseplants (as of right now, I have a grand total of one). Would anyone be interested in contributing to my collection, by starting a baby plant off of a favorite one you already have? I love the idea of having little reminders of friends throughout my house! I don’t have much to offer back in the way of swapping plants, but you will get a hug, a quick prayer when I see your plant and a big thank you! 🙂

I am beyond delighted with the plants I have been receiving so far. (With promises of more to come)

This is the one and only plant I was talking about in the facebook post. Jonathan’s mom gave it to me last summer. She has an old faithful 15-year-old plant that has started lots and lots of baby plants. I love how shiny + green it is! I’m think it’s a philodendron? Correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂 My mother-in-law is a dear lady, and I admire her alot for her strong faith + resilience through tough times.

jan7This palm plant is  brightening up my laundry room! Courtesy of Sharon, a dear friend from my Ohio church. Her mother passed away unexpectedly in December, and it reminds me to pray for her + the family in this journey of grieving. (*hugs* Sharon)

feb2 This little African violet resides on my dining room table and makes me smile. 🙂 My mama started it for me, and she got her original plant from my Grandma Mabel. It makes me think of the generations of women that have gone before and brings to mind nostalgic memories of Grandma’s house. It’s not blooming in this picture, but the flowers are a gorgeous velvety purple.feb15I currently am attempting to start a couple more, in my living room. Grow, babies, grow!IMG_9865My friend from church just gave me this beautiful peace lily last night. [I want to split the plant and repot it sometime soon.] When it ‘s blooming, it has the most gorgeous white flowers. It’s the perfect fit for my green, gray + white nursery. I’m sure it will remind me to pray for Brenda + her babies as I spend hours in the rocker with my own. 🙂

feb16 feb17

I still have a couple spots in my house that need some green, so if you are local to Pennsylvania or Ohio (or have some brilliant plan to get it to me), I would love to add YOURS to my collection. I’m especially looking for a baby’s tears plant + succulents.

How about you? What favorite house plants would you recommend?

: : : : :

Stay warm! Here it’s currently 2* with a wind chill of -21*. A little hard to believe spring is only 4 weeks away… Happy Friday!


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