Weekend Happys

So many fun and happy things went on this weekend!


…Beautiful Valentine’s roses 🙂
…First batch of Kombucha turned out DEE-licious. I am delighted! (And addicted)feb12
…The long-awaited package of fabric finally came in the mail. Soft minky charcoal gray… ahhh, happiness.

…A fun sleep-in-and-have-brunch-together Valentine’s morning with my sweetheart. Our first married Valentine’s Day spent together! (Last year we were across the ocean from each other)feb11
These Butterfinger Bars. Ohhhhhhh my.
…And this Copy Cat Chipotle Guacamole…. enough to make your taste buds do a happy dance.
…Crafting vintage mantle decor for this week’s Valentine party. Just a tiny peek for now. 🙂feb13…A super fun triple date planned by the guys as a Valentine’s surprise for us girl. Coffee to-go in our favorite small town, falling snow & walking around looking at the ice sculptures, then a cozy fire in our basement and games & snacks. So much fun!
…Cherry pie for my birthday 🙂
IMG_0176: : : : :

What was your favorite part of the weekend?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Happys

  1. Welll, it was a less then favorite weekend if I have to be honest. 🙂 Eric left at noon on Sat for an entire week and then we were hit with a snowstorm! Maybe next weekend will be a favorite when he comes home. 🙂


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