Lifestyle Snapshots// Sewing

The last few days, I dug out my borrowed sewing machine (thanks Cynthia!) and attempted to revive my rather neglected sewing skills. So fun!

Those little stacks of flannels and terrycloth and minky were just begging to be combined with the patterns of chevron and soft aqua and grays. Burp cloths, pillows, and a baby blanket coming right up. πŸ™‚IMG_0091What? You mean you don’t sew with a cup of coffee, bag of chocolate chips & Odyssey episode by your side?#oneofthoseIneedchocolatedays

Or with pillows stacked underneath and behind you?#pregnancybackproblems

feb6 feb7feb8IMG_0113Yesterday’s project was a glider cushion makeover. It’s not quite finished, but is well on its way. I’d like to add covered fabric buttons yet, to add a little more visual appeal. I was happy to be able to use some leftover fabric from a dress I had for a wedding back in December. There was nothing wrong with the gold cushions — they just clashed with the rest of the grays going on in the room.feb9 feb10

: : : : : : :

And that was just a little peek into some everyday happenings around my house. Have a lovely Valentine’s weekend!



2 thoughts on “Lifestyle Snapshots// Sewing

    1. Thanks! Wish you were closer, so we could sew together πŸ™‚ It’s coming together — I’ll have to post a few pics once it’s more finished. There’s a shelf that needs hung yet, above the dresser, and I have a few items to get/make yet: changing pad, lamp, decor in corner & crib sheets.


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