Life In Numbers

I got this post idea from Nicole over at Today Is My Favorite. I thought it would be fun to create my own list.

Life in numbers.

35// The number of days left until this little one’s estimated enter-the-world date. (Actually arrival date, unknown)

3// The number of Valentine parties we are invited to/ involved with this year. The biggest one being the one we’re co-hosting next week in our newly renovated basement. It’s fun to help plan + brainstorm ideas!

24// The approximate number of seed packets on my to-order list. Cheers to home-grown vegetables this summer!

1// The number of gallons of peach Kombucha that is currently brewing in my kitchen. Here’s hoping it turns out!

5// The number of house plants I’m currently watering. The Plant Project post feature — coming soon!


26// The number I’m turning on Sunday. Eeeks! Closer to 30 than 20.

11// The number of degrees that are predicted as Sunday’s HIGH temperature. Brrrr!

21// The number of meals I’ll make this week. New + brilliant ideas, anyone?

Countless// The times I smile and pat my growing belly. 🙂 So blessed!

: : : : : :

And a very blessed Monday to you!


2 thoughts on “Life In Numbers

  1. Cute idea for a post! I bet you’re getting so excited – I’m excited for you! I’ve found lately that meatballs are a good go-to meal. You can make a bunch ahead of time and freeze them, then have cheesy meatball subs, Asian meatballs or Swedish meatballs (served over rice or noodles), and of course spaghetti and meatballs. Sometimes when I’m planning my menu, in my head I go around the world (do you ever do that?). I think Mexican? Italian? Chinese? Oh, fried rice is super quick and easy – make your rice in the morning, then at suppertime, throw an egg or two in a pan with the rice and a bit of oil, soy sauce, and any kind of veggies or meat. Ba-da-boom, supper! 🙂


    1. Thanks for the food ideas! I used one of them already — fried rice. 🙂 I should make some meatballs up for the freezer — those would make good after-baby meals. Thanks for being excited for us!


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