I’ve been thinking of different little life situations and how we can choose our perspectives on them. Things don’t always happen like we want them to, but we can choose how we respond. Do we only complain or do we look for the good to be found, regardless of how frustrating or irritating the circumstances may be?

: : : : : : : :

I’m thankful that we didn’t run out of water before I had supper made last night. Especially that all my kneaded-bread-dough-floury-counters were wiped down and the water jugs in the fridge mostly full.

Leaving the super fun Valentine’s party early last night was a little sad… but happy we got to go for a little. We originally had tried to make other plans for the evening before late game volleyball, but it didn’t work out. This way, we will get to hang out with both sets of people involved and not have to decide between the two!

I am beyond thrilled to have found a dresser for the nursery, at long last. I’ve been looking for months and it’s been rather discouraging. Turns out everyone else wants white dressers for their nurseries too, and they get snatched up really fast. Enter craigslist + a listing by a local business and I found my dresser! It’s even more perfect than what I was originally looking for — gray with a white top.

Being awake in the middle of the night for hours upon end isn’t too fun, but it means there is a little one inside that is alive and well — kicking and rolling and innocently bringing about pregnancy insomnia. So. I’m thankful for an active baby, even if it means sacrificed sleep.

: : : : : : : : : :

So instead of complaining about running out of water for the second time in three weeks (Hello, counter of dirty dishes that are driving me bonkers + full dishwasher that needs run *lalala*), I’m glad I had just done some necessary laundry and that we have a good place to haul water from. Plus a husband who is willing to go to the bother of providing for that need, even though he is rather overworked right now.

Instead of complaining about leaving the party early (and having to miss out on a chance to win an amazing gift card 😉 ), I’m happy we even got to go.

Instead of focusing on how long it took to find the dresser, I’m thrilled that it’s even better than what I had originally hoped for, plus it’s all ready to go and doesn’t involve any TLC.

Instead of sighing about lost sleep, I want to remember to be thankful for this little one’s health and vitality and existence. 🙂

: : : : : : : : :

Lest I sound overly Pollyannish — it’s not always easy to see the good in things. Sometimes there isn’t much, especially in really rotten circumstances. But I am convinced there is always something. Because God is a redeeming God and that’s what He specializes in.

Happy Saturday!


4 thoughts on “Perspectives

  1. You are such a joy to me, I’ve told you that a million times, and I still mean it. That’s a level of maturity some never reach, learning to “look on the bright side”. I found a quote one time that rings true and I just love it: “It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing, that makes you happy or unhappy. It’s what you think about.” It sounds so simplistic, but it’s definitely true. You think about the good things in life. Yes, there are bad days and yes, you can’t always feel that way because you’re human, but for the most part, you do focus on the good and I love you for that. ♥


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