Cabin Bathroom: Before + After

I never thought I could be so excited about a bathroom. Ha!

We’re in the process of remodeling our basement,
and this bathroom was the first on the
transform list.
The before picture speaks for itself.
It wasn’t too pretty.
(Unless you really like brown paneling
and multiple shades of yellow + gold)
The only thing I liked was the red sink.
It stayed. 🙂

Not pictured is the toilet, to the left. It was the same color as the shower. *shivers*

Pardon the poor quality pictures. The lighting isn’t so good.

Before:IMG_8868After:bathroom1 IMG_8999  IMG_9000

I was delighted with the wooden towel rack hubby made for my Christmas gift. I showed him a picture of one I liked on Pinterest, and he made it exactly how I envisioned it! He came up with the hand towel holder & toilet paper holder design ideas on his own. Pretty ingenious, eh? 🙂



We were able to find remnant flooring & countertop at a local hardware/home improvement store, and the new toilet was a discounted model they wanted to get rid of. (The original person who ordered it never showed up for it) I ordered the shower curtain on Amazon, and the mirror was one we had on hand in the basement. The rest of the hardware (tp holder & towel racks) were made from reclaimed old wood from the farm, and the paint was left-over from some of our rooms upstairs. And my hard working hubby put in quite a few hours doing/installing things himself! I think he did a great job. 🙂

It was fun to transform this room. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the little before + after tour.

[Cabin Bathroom: Before + After]

IMG_8868  bathroom1


6 thoughts on “Cabin Bathroom: Before + After

  1. Wow, what a GREAT update!!! That looks so good and yes, the red sink is adorable. I really want to borrow that rope towel holder idea – I need to Pin that so I don’t forget. Great job to you and the hubs!


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