Because I Love

Because I love my husband.

[Fresh homemade bread is his favorite]

IMG_9928I still work for meals on wheels at times. This was a breakfast edition!

IMG_9940Because I love my neighbor lady.

[Yes, those are worms. And yes, I fed “her” bluebirds every day at 4:00 pm while she was away. And no, I couldn’t bring myself to “just give them a handful”. Pouring out of the bag works fine, thank you.]

IMG_9929Because I love my little one. [Key word: decaf. Because babies + espresso don’t work so well together]


Love well.


5 thoughts on “Because I Love

  1. Beautiful – and yummy! As long as you don’t accidentally mix them up and give your husband the worms and the birds the bread, things should go smoothly. πŸ˜‰


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