Reading: Luke… after reading the Christmas story throughout December, well, I just kept on going. 😀

Loving: The new cookbook I received for Christmas: Nourish. I’m not on a low glycemic diet, but am enjoying it for the sugar alternative/low carb/healthy eating ideas. Esther has some really good, basic cooking-from-scratch recipes. Plus, the food photography is fab. 🙂 (Tip: if you look Nourish up on facebook, they’re currently doing a giveaway)


Dreaming: About nurseries, babies, and such like things. It’s gonna be so fun to indulge in some baby fabric, sew up some fun things, and get the nursery set up. Crib and car seat are checked off the list. If anyone has a white dresser or rocker for sale, let me know. 🙂

Wishing: To go back to Australia… I’m currently designing a photo book of our time there last March, and it’s making me super nostalgic for the Land Down Under. Such fun times! The travel bug is biting me extra hard right now. 😉

Thinking About: Just who is this little person who dances around inside me? Yes, I have baby brain! Super happy to have reached 30 weeks. The countdown is on.

Listening: Still stuck on the Christmas music. 🙂

Cooking: Chicken curry over rice, Maple Hot Chocolate, and lots of soups. Tis the season to stay inside and eat hot, cozy things.

What are you currently (reading, loving, dreaming, wishing, thinking about, listening, or cooking)?


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