The Wrong Battle


We are in a battle, folks. The biggest battle of our lives, and most of the time we have no clue. We don’t see. We don’t see the demons. We don’t see the clever tactics of the evil one. We don’t see the spiritual reality of what is actually happening. And because we can’t physically see, we miss so much.

Who me? Fighting? I’m no soldier.

This is what we can tend to slide into. Naivety. Apathy. Plain ‘ol cluelessness. All we see is humans — flesh and blood, and we forget we are fighting against principalities and powers.

And the battle rages on with few soldiers to fight effectively.

Instead of fighting the enemy, we fight each other. Who ever heard of an army where the soldiers turned around and started shooting each other instead of their enemy? We would think they were ridiculous; completely out of their mind. You don’t kill your fellow soldiers, or your mission is pointless. There must be unity within the ranks, with the same goal in the minds and hearts of the soldiers. Without this unity, they are ineffective when it comes to slaying the enemy.

This is so often the case in our churches. We must have the same goal & purpose in our minds and hearts, or we will not be truly unified. We will turn out to be soldiers fighting each other.

It makes me sad to see us mistreating each other. Instead of building up and encouraging, there are slandering words and so much betrayal. We should be pulling each other up when we fall. We should be working together to minister in our communities and helping the other person who is overwhelmed with life and using our words to pray fervently for each other.

What would it look like if we got together to strategize and learn how to more effectively witness to neighbors, rather than talk about our brother’s faults? What would it look like if we spent less time judging each other’s actions and more time exploring the heart & motives of our brother/sister? What would happen if the church would function in its greatest potential, with everyone working together and giving their specific talents and abilities for the sake of the Kingdom?

This world would be a different place.

Oh, I know there would still be sin and evil and fallen man. But just think of how much less time we’d waste if we’d stop fighting each other and start fighting the real enemy.

Change starts in my heart. It starts in yours.

Which battle are you fighting?


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