It’s been a whirlwind of

breakfasts with fun cousin company

orange and blue flowers

smiling for pictures

coffee drinking

solemn vows

delicious celebration food

Black Rook

cousin parties

hugs and lots more hugs

soup & salad lunch with family

happy piano music

classy churches with Christmas carolers

inside jokes

hilarious group games

And in the midst of all this, baby dear decided to wake me up at 4:30 am the morning of the wedding and there was no sleeping after that.

Three days later, I’m almost caught up. 🙂


dec2 ryansheri


1. Those blue & orange flowers. I had the honor of assisting my capable sis-in-law florist and her friend. In other words, I stood there and held bouquets while they arranged. 🙂 2. Aforementioned cousin party. It was loud and fun. 3. Bride & Groom. 4. Rustic decor.

And now I am back to ordering Christmas gifts (please oh please, come in time) and pondering the age old question of “What shall I make for lunch (or supper/breakfast)?” and washing the guest room sheets for the next round and wishing the dreary rain would be snow and celebrating the third trimester entrance!

: : : : :

P.S. Oh happy day! My camera works again. (!!!!!!!!!)


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