Hospitality // Tips From Dru

Today I’d like to introduce to you my dear friend Drusilla. She was born and raised in the deep south of Georgia, and was transplanted in central Ohio when she married Titus. I love going to her home, partly because she’s brought her southern hospitality along with her, and mostly because she is such a dear friend of mine. She is someone I immediately think when I think of hospitality. Her home is a welcoming haven, and it’s always a pleasure to visit. Tastefully decorated, cozy, and there is a sense of rest that fills her home. I asked her to share some of her secrets and she graciously agreed. So enjoy a few tips from Dru.


 : : : : :

I like to always have candles burning and soft music playing when guests come. 

If I am having overnight guests/friends, I like to have a little box in the bathroom with small toiletries they might need. (Shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, shavers etc.) You can pick up new/unused little bottles of these things at thrift stores if you keep your eyes open for it. I also like to put something on their pillow before they come that I KNOW they like. Example, I had a girlfriend & sister that came for a few nights. I knew my sister liked gummy bears and my friend liked Twix candy bars so I had that for them on their beds. I love when someone knows me well enough to know these little things, so I figure it would make my friends feel special as well. 🙂

I love to cook, so entertaining/cooking for friends is a passion of mine. I think anyone can cook but there is a difference when someone adds love to their cooking! For example, maybe you are having friends over for hotdogs. Well, instead of putting the hotdogs in a kettle and cooking them the traditional way, jazz them up. Melt some butter in a pan and sauté onion and fresh garlic together, then toss in the hotdogs and fry for a few minutes. Then pour your favorite BBQ sauce on top and cook together till hot. Instead of putting a pack of hotdog buns on the table, take them out of the bag, warm them and put them on a nice tray. Voila – you have gourmet hotdogs made with love! 🙂

I love decorative pillows but can rarely find any that are a good price! I discovered that Hobby Lobby has zippered pillow forms – and they are gorgeous. If you watch your local Goodwill, you can snag pillows for super cheap. After you wash them, you can either stuff them into the pillow forms or do like I did yesterday: I simply cut open some old pillows I had on hand, took out the cotton and stuffed the pillow forms full. 🙂 I now have beautiful, expensive-looking, decorative pillows for a couple dollars each instead of $20 each.

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Thanks for sharing, Dru!


3 thoughts on “Hospitality // Tips From Dru

  1. As Dru’s cousin, I can vouch for her amazing hospitality. I am from the south as well, but love to come north to visit her because she has one of the softest, kindest, “givingest” hearts that I know. I also really enjoy your blog.


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