Giveaway Winner // Eight Twenty Eight

Happy December 1st to you!

Today I’m putting away the pumpkins and exchanging it for Christmas greenery. Tis the season for Christmas decorating! So while my Christmas CDs croon I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… it’s actually warm outside. All our Thanksgiving Eve snow has melted.

Sadly, my camera isn’t working right now 😦 so you’ll have to settle for a picture from last year. It’s too disastrous in here to take a picture yet anyway. This year I’m aiming for a simple rustic look — greens (real-looking fake this time as I am not going to be sweeping pine needles well into the spring like last year), whites, rustic wood, burlap, and lots of candles. We’ll see how it turns out. 🙂

On to our giveaway…

I’m happy to announce that the winner is…. Twila!!

She said: I admire my daughter Krista for the way she has come through the last year, after losing her husband so suddenly, and making the best she can out of this very difficult and painful situation in her life. It hasn’t been easy, by any stretch of the imagination.

Twila just happens to be my mom’s first cousin — fun to be sending a prize away to someone I know in real life! I’ll be sending an email your way, Twila. 🙂

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