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Two years ago, there was a short video floating around on that kept getting shared and reposted on facebook. You may remember Ian & Larissa. If you don’t, go search for The Story of Ian and Larissa (original) and watch it on youtube. I remember being so inspired by the type of pure love that they exemplified through their story.

It’s a beautiful story, and unlike one I’ve ever heard before.

A few months ago, I became aware that they had just released a brand-new book called Eight Twenty Eight. And then recently, I just happened to be in Lifeway and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that they had them on sale for $5.

What if that thing you really feared happened? Would the joy you hold pop? Or would you experience love and joy deeper than you can imagine?

They met in college and fell in love. They talked about getting married… They dreamed about life together, a life of beauty and joy, raising babies and laughing with friends and growing old.

They did not imagine a car accident. They did not imagine his brain injury. They did not dream about the need for constant care and a wheelchair and fear that food might choke him.

And they could not have imagined how persistent love would be. Theirs and God’s.

I was so blessed and challenged by Larissa’s honesty in her journey of going through the accident, struggling to accept the “new” Ian while still hanging onto memories of the “old” Ian, and finally coming to grips with reality. Their marriage is marked with incredible unselfishness and pure God-given love.

And now… in honor of the gift-giving season that is coming up quite rapidly, I am giving away a copy of Eight Twenty Eight. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment and tell me about someone you admire.

Open to US residents only. Giveaway closes at midnight on November 30th. Winner will be announced on Monday, December 1st.


8 thoughts on “Giveaway // Eight Twenty Eight

  1. I admired my Dad for his strength and courage to do what was right even though he was going against the flow. Miss him so much since he passed away.


  2. Oh my goodness, this sounds like just what I need ~ please count me in. Right now it’s a day after the Ferguson grand jury decision and Ferguson is 15 minutes from my house. People are on the streets right now HELPING and cleaning and sweeping and I admire and respect them so much because it’s a scary place right now, but they’re getting out and doing it anyway. Bless them all.


  3. I admire my bookmobile co-worker, Gary. He’s a hard worker, he always has a friendly smile and an encouraging word for everyone, and he listens to me if I need someone to talk to. He is quite a gentleman.


  4. It’s kind of hard to narrow this down to one person, but I do admire a friend of mine greatly for being able to live gracefully even though she lives with pain pretty much 99 percent of the time. If you don’t know her, you would never know that she really is not well and has not been for years. Plus she is a pastors wife and deals with much stress at times yet, she is full of joy and life! I admire people that shine in spite of difficult circumstances! This book sounds great


  5. I admire my daughter Krista for the way she has come through the last year, after losing her husband so suddenly, and making the best she can out of this very difficult and painful situation in her life. It hasn’t been easy, by any stretch of the imagination.


  6. I would love to win this book; it sounds like a great read!!
    As far as who I admire, I think I would have to say my parents! I am so thankful for the Godly heritage they have passed down to me and for their love for God. It has made me who I am today.


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