If You Would…

If you would follow me around the house you might see

  • Me sleeping on the couch. I still have some of those really tired days. Today was one of them.
  • Gingerbread men being pulled out of the oven. Mmmm, did they ever smell good!
  • Apples and mini pumpkins and candles and Indian corn and all that fun autumn-y décor. It’s still fall, folks! (Though I must admit, I am getting excited about decorating for Christmas)
  • Steamed up windows. It’s c-o-o-l-d out there.

If you would follow me on Pinterest you would see lots of…

  • Coffee bar ideas. That’s right. We’re remodeling our basement this winter and is it ever fun to dream and plan!
  • Pumpkiny and fall foods
  • Baby/nursery ideas

If you would peek at my recent reading stack you would see…

  • Eight Twenty Eight [Ian & Larissa Murphy] Giveaway coming soon!
  • Flory, a Miraculous Story of Survival [Flory A. Van Beek] The story of a Dutch Holocaust survivor.
  • The Wonder Within You [Carey Wickersham] Review coming soon on this week-by-week pregnancy related book.
  • I Will Build My Church [Val Yoder] I’m enjoying studying this book with a small group.
  • Let Me Die in Ireland [David Bercot] Fascinating look at the true story of the missionary Patrick. Inspiring!

If you would eat with me for a week…

  • You would be eating all the time. I get tired of eating so often!
  • These Belizean Garnachios are pretty high on my so-good-and-I-could-eat-them-every-day list right now.
  • Summer sausage or cheese is a quick I-gotta-have-food-now snack.
  • More burger recipes coming right up, thanks to the newly butchered young buck who is now filling my freezer with lots of burger. We were getting low so I was hording my last few packs of burger (til now) and making more chicken.
  • Homemade yogurt & granola. Mmmm!
  • Skinny chocolate. I made a bunch for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower, and sadly there was none left. I mean, I’m glad people liked it and all. 😉 Chocolate in general is just delish. Does this mean we’re having a girl? 🙂
  • Soup. Any kind of soup. I could eat soup every day and not get tired of it! Something about that chilly weather outside… Current favorite kinds are White Chili, Autumn Squash Soup, and Cheeseburger.

What are you eating, reading, following on Pinterest, or doing in your house these days?IMG_5359


4 thoughts on “If You Would…

  1. Aw, hi there! I didn’t know you blogged until I saw this pingback! Hoping all is well with you and you’re enjoying nurturing that growing life… 🙂 It was fun meeting you.


  2. Aww I love this Kristin!:) gives me an insight in your life from all angles..hmmm, me? If you would follow me around the house you would see me decorating for Winter, I just had the itch this year to go at it early!:) Re- purposing things I find at thrift stores-It’s amazing what a little love an paint can do! If you would see my reading stack it would consist of the book Unbroken and multiple magazines:) And eating? umm, Chicken scampi, cheeseburger soup and cornbread, Stromboli and salad, spaghetti. Some of our meals the past week:) Love ya!


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