Monday chatter

It’s a sunshiney, windy crisp fall day. I’m attempting to up my protein in-take of the day {aka apples & peanut butter} in between cleaning, rescuing my poor mums from blowing off the porch, blogging, and supervising unbalanced washers that make awful shaking sounds. Dear hubby completely cleaned our water cistern out on Friday, so we have super clean, sparkling water.


Around the neighborhood…

…Just as we settled into comfy positions last night in bed, there was a loud THUD, SQUEEAAAAAAAAALING of tires that went on and on. Then another THUD. Nothing like loud screeches to jolt you straight out of bed. Went running out to the living room and peered out the windows. Nothing. Everything looked calm and normal. No sirens ever went. We puzzled for awhile about what in the world had happened. The morning light revealed our across-the-road neighbors’ demolished mailbox. Sheesh, stay awake while driving, people. This is the second smashed mailbox in about 6 months time, and there is not much reason to hit a mailbox when the speed limit is 40 mph. [The last incident involved a truck losing control and careening through our back yard. Oy! And we live in the country?!]

…Our other neighbor lady like to make cake. We’ve been the recent lucky recipients of a pineapple upside down cake, and two slices of apple cake. I give them fresh applesauce and we are all happy. 🙂

Random chatter…

…Aren’t these just the most darling little flip flops ever? I just couldn’t leave them at the garage sale.


…Last night I dreamed that I was lost in London! I woke up ravenously hungry at 4 am and still in Pennsylvania…

…Fun week coming right up. 🙂


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