Where I’ve Been

And where exactly have I been for the last two months?


Growing this little life. 😀 Yup, it’s true!

So far this has involved a lot of time on the couch and mucho food. Sometimes I feel like all I do is eat! 16 weeks down, 24 to go. 😀 We are very excited and feel so extremely blessed. (And this does not necessarily mean we’re having a girl — they were simply the only pair of baby shoes I had) 😉


Canning when I can. (No pun intended, ha!) The pantry is filling up, and I’m almost out of pint jars! The latest projects were hot banana pepper rings + hot pepper jelly + applesauce.


Good times with friends. In this particular instance, we were jeeping with Duane & Crissy up in northern PA.


Complete with delicious mountain pies, of course. 😀


Went to hear the boy’s choir Libera in this huge cathedral in Washington D.C. AMAZINGNESS.


And just a week & a half ago… a quick vacation to Colorado. We visited friends, did some sight seeing, took a very bumpy ride up a gravel mountain road, and saw some gorgeous aspen trees & wildlife. More pictures from that… sometime.

Lest it looks like we just traveled around and did fun things all summer… well, pictures can be deceiving. We stayed at home and worked, mostly. April-September were spent in PA, other than the evening D.C. concert. Of course there were some fun weekend things thrown in the mix!

I hope to be showing my face around here a little more. Have a super Wednesday!


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