Interestingly Eventful

It’s been an interestingly eventful summer. Between close up encounters with bedbugs (NOT in our house, thankfully) and all that dealing with that entails, 4:30 am discoveries of a flood in our kitchen/basement, and a few other stressful situations, it hasn’t been dull.

It’s not all been a negative interesting… there have also been dates at Tomato Pie Cafe, lots of good talks over coffee, many hours spent in the garden, hosting fun friends for the weekend, homemade ice cream, dear friends starting new relationships, and fun times at the cabin. Annnnnd. I am ridiculously excited about my first ever visit to Washington DC to hear Libera next week.

Life is such a bittersweet mix of events and emotions.

It wouldn’t be life if it weren’t.

I’m thankful for the mix. The negative reminds me that we’re not home yet, and that sin and things going wrong are just an indication that we are living in a fallen world. The good happy things remind me that there is a purpose for us to be on earth and life IS worth living.

 Happy Wednesday!



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