These Days// Summer

These days I usually get up early, as in 6 am or earlier. I’m discovering that the sun comes up way earlier in Pennsylvania than it does in Ohio, at least in the summer anyway. It’s hard to sleep through blazing sunlight coming  through your window — plus, garden work & weeding is much more bearable in the cool morning hours. (However, I *gasp* slept ’til 9 am today. One has to sleep off stress and late nights sometime, right?)

These days I faithfully water my wee little strawberry plants. The merciless 91+ degree sun dries them out so fast! I am determined they will survive. 😉

These days I thank God for friends. Friends that text verses, that call to see how we are, that care, and that sit out in their backyard with us and chat all evening long. 😀 They truly are God’s hands and feet.

These days I catch tractor rides with my favorite farmer. 😀



…and tramp through soybean fields.


These days I browse Pinterest and find yummy looking recipes like this and this to try. Usually within an hour of lunchtime.

These days I thank God for His mercy and grace and peace. He is the Wonderful Healer and Comforter.

These days are perfect for cutting and arranging floral arrangements.


These days I do piles and piles of laundry. If you get just a little behind… it’s hard to dig your way back out.

These days we have pea picking parties. And there are coffee breaks. And breakfast. And pea shelling parties on the porch. 😀



These days I remember those far away FREEZING cold winter days and how I longed for hot summer days. Well, they’re here now! (And I’m thankful for air conditioning – lol!)

These days I have the travel itch. All in time, my husband tells me.


And someday I will look back on these days and smile and remember how good God was (and is!) to us.


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