Calla Lilies & Hope

Hope is a reoccurring theme, it seems.

A friend sent this card last week, and as I was out snapping pictures a couple days ago…


…the calla lilies caught my eye. They just started blooming in the past week, and I hadn’t photographed them yet. {Not many flowers go unphotographed around here — it’s still somewhat of a novelty that I am the one growing these flowers ;)}


See — these callas weren’t supposed to be alive. We neglected to dig the bulbs last fall, and then winter set in. {Need I remind anyone how COLLLLLLLD and bitter it was?!?!} This spring, they didn’t come up. Surely they froze, we thought. Why, oh why, did we forget to dig them? we thought.

Well what do you know. They came up!!! Quite belatedly, but never mind that. They came up!!!

And it reminds me of hope.

From the frozen, snow-covered ground, a dormant bulb slowly arose and dared to poke its green shoots through the ground. And isn’t that how it is with us? If we dare to hang on, amidst the barren, frigid winter — spring will come. And with it, tiny green shoots of hope, eventually blossoming into a beautiful lily. God is faithful.

“Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.” Psalm 31:24


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