Summer & Strawberry Pie

In the words of my brother-in-law: yes, this is another “foodie” post. 😉

I can’t help it, I just love strawberry pie so much.


Summer! I adore this season. Nothing quite like it! I spotted the first firefly tonight and upon investigation, those thumping noises I keep hearing outside are fireworks. Must be somebody else celebrating this warm summer evening? Summer is running outside barefoot in the lush green grass, picking cilantro from my garden, and puttering in the flowerbeds for hours. It’s open windows, strawberries, picnics, and fresh meadow tea. 😀

Ahhhhhhhh, breathe it in.

Blink, and it’ll be autumn already. But let’s not talk about that yet.

: : : : : :


This is my favorite strawberry pie recipe. Credits go to Char Smith, who put it in the Elida cookbook. Mmmmm. Our favorite!! Sure-fire way to make your husband/boyfriend/brother/dad’s eyes lighten up when you tell them what’s for dessert. 😀 (Worked here!)

What is your favorite thing about summer?


2 thoughts on “Summer & Strawberry Pie

  1. Love strawberries to. Our favorite way to eat them is with shortcake. My kiddos are itching for me to go get some so I guess that’s on the list for tomorrow. Now I know what’s for supper. 🙂


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