Confession: I bought shortening today. Vegetable shortening. *shudders* I didn’t realize how much of a switch I have made in my mind, until I was standing in the aisle looking back and forth between the shortening and the coconut oil. I’m making a bunch of chocolate chip cookies for a project, and wanted to use my old tried ‘n true recipe that always turns out.

I cringed and bought it and tried not to think about all the bad things it does to you.

It will get banished to a dark corner somewhere, never fear.


A sneak peek at our square foot garden. It’s so much fun to plant and work in! I (ahem), didn’t follow the guidelines for how many seeds to plant per square, mostly because I didn’t know what they were. We’re gonna have lettuce coming out of our ears in a few weeks.

Confession: While the lettuce may look impressive, I almost killed my little hot Hungarian Wax peppers and stevia plant.

I kinda sorta forgot to water them.

Here’s hoping they survive, as I planted them out in the big scary world this afternoon. Poor vulnerable little things. No pictures — they look too pathetic. 😉


Confession: I’m starting to like vintage things. But it has to be the right kind of vintage. Like this little mason jar and recipe box.


Confession: I make fish for supper sometimes, namely: salmon. Don’t fall over Mom, it’s true! I am not a fan of that fishy taste that most fish has. But I am a great fan of Omega 3’s.


Confession: Sometimes I get very angry at injustice and untruth and all those ugly works of the flesh that can masquerade as pretty whitewashed tombs. [Matthew 23] Yes, phlegmatic mercy me. And then I remember that I’m not displaying the fruits of the Spirit myself if I react unkindly. How do I love as Jesus loved?

Confession is good for the soul, I hear. Anything you want to get out there? 😀


One thought on “Confessions

  1. Since switching to healthier eating I feel bad using shortening too. My best chocolate chip cookie recipe uses shortening and butter, my second best uses just butter. I did buy some Spectrum shortening which is non-hydrogenated, but will only use it for special things, as it’s quite expensive.


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