May Days

These spring days are lovely! Suddenly we’ve gone from the winter-that-would-not-leave to…. SUMMER. 85 and hot ‘n humid sure feels summer-like to me. Hello flip flops, lawn mowing [which literally needs to be done about every 3-4 days because of the dandelion infestation], and night breezes through open windows. And smoothies. Every day!

Life lately looks like this:

*Planting flowers and more greenhouse trips.

Look, they’re still alive!


*Maneuvering puddles while driving to pick up 14 gallons of milk. It decided to downpour just as I was pulling out the lane. And yes, I said fourteen. (Doing a favor & picking it up for a local family that drinks 10 gallons a week. We are trying to get them onto good farm milk)

*Post office runs to mail happy boxes to Ohio for special people. 😀

*Asparagus and more asparagus. Anyone want to join us for our favorite grilled vegetable? Hop on over. We also eat it in our eggs, and roasted in the oven. Any additional ideas for yummy ways to eat asparagus?

*Rainbow sightings and then husband exclaimed, “It’s a DOUBLE rainbow!” Hope on a day we really needed it.

*We now are the proud owners of… *drumroll* a DESK for our OFFICE!! Garage sale special — it was worth the year-long search. That room has seen a drastic transformation in the last week. The boxes of stuff are out, the newly painted bookshelf is in, the books are on the shelf, the stuffed fox is in place, and I am dreaming of how to decorate the rest of the room. If we’d only have a couple rainy days sometime, then it may just get finished. Annnnd… I just might post a peek for ya’ll sometime.

*Saturday we did a stand at the local farmer’s market to sell the compost products, along with Your Garden Solutions who were there with their square foot gardens. Twas fun! It was just as fun to walk around and sample all the vendor’s products. I fell in love with these new granola flavors — Maple Bacon and Cran-Lime Chia. Phenomenal! Also tried some incredible ginger juice – mmm! Then we raced home, got ready, and headed to a friend’s wedding where Jonathan & I were reception coordinators.

*Planting garden… and the weeding has begun already. There are yellow blooms hanging on my tomato plants already — exciting!

*Planning a girl’s tea party with a friend. Even though the girls are all from church, I had fun sending out the invitations! Everyone else loves getting mail too, right?

Happy Tuesday to you!


One thought on “May Days

  1. From winter to summer, to spring, to summer to spring to … what next? Oh, it’s just OH, we’ll get there eventually. 🙂
    Your flowers are so pretty. I need to make a greenhouse trip!


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