Greek Gyros + Cooking Chatter

Greek flavor explosion in your mouth? Savory chicken in a soft pita? Greek yogurt combined with garlic + lemon + oregano. Yes please!

Read on.

I found this amazing looking recipe on Pinterest the other week. Kept drooling over the picture every couple days and then making something else for supper, because I didn’t have Greek yogurt. Enter Amelia’s Grocery + an organic greek yogurt sale. You guessed it. Greek Gyro time!




It’s worth all the time spent preparing. Yummo!

What else have I been cooking lately? Having a version of this for supper. [Instead of Caesar, I used a homemade Ranch dressing.] Roasted fresh asparagus + iced coffee coming right up. More veggie pizza, Mexican layer dip, and soft pretzel sandwiches. [For Sunday supper company] Tried these Zucchini Balls for lunch today. I may or may not have accidentally bought a zucchini instead of a cucumber the other day. Annnnd… Frozen Banana Nutty Nibblers. These are good for a cold snack, and they’re healthy too. 🙂

What have you been cooking lately? I need some ideas. 😀


3 thoughts on “Greek Gyros + Cooking Chatter

  1. We just tried Moroccan chicken kebabs. So yummy…even though we burned them in our newbie grilling efforts. 🙂 Definitely gonna be trying it again, maybe as a marinade for chicken breasts next time? It would be good on sandwiches and it’s excellent as a topping for salad.


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