Score Thrifty

I enjoy following Hannah Elise’s Score Thrifty series, where she posts pictures of her latest thrifty finds. So fun to see other people’s good deals. 😀 Garage sale season is in full swing here in Lancaster County, and is it ever fun! I love finding good discount grocery store deals too, so my version will have quite a bit more food than hers. So without further ado… my own version of:

Score Thrifty.

Found this vintage-looking map wallet at a garage sale for 50 cents. I’m into old maps right now, so this is perfect. 😀

These blue stripey shoes are exactly what I’ve been drooling over in the retail stores. Garage sale find – $2. They’re a tiny bit big, but that can be fixed relatively easily.

I LOVE chalkboard things, so I was happy to find these at Ross for $5.99. Not the lowest price ever, but when you consider that there are 50 cards and envelopes included, it’s worth it to me. The cool thing is, you can actually write on the front of the cards with chalk.

Big jars of creamy natural peanut butter (non-GMO) at Amelia’s for $2.49 apiece. I may or may not have bought 7. 😉

Recipe cards – free from my late Grandma’s estate.

I got two identical hanging baskets last summer at a garage sale. I don’t even remember what I paid, but I’m fairly sure it was about $1. The liner of one was pretty ratty looking, and when I went up to pay for the nicer one, the lady threw the other one in for free. 🙂 I bought a new liner this year and planted in them for the first time.

Coconut syrup from Ross for $6 something, and split with my sister-in-law. Happiness in my coffee every morning! Recipe box and little blue jar from Grandma’s.

Slippers for $1. [Garage sale] They make my feet too warm now, but they’ll be warm and cozy next winter!

and… *drumroll*… a 40 pound box of organic fair-trade bananas for $8. They are so handy to have in the freezer for smoothies! I did the same thing last June and we just used the last banana recently.

What good deals have YOU found lately? Leave me a comment – I’d love to hear!


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