A Few of My Favorite Things…

1. Smoothies. My latest obsession. Cold in my throat suddenly sounds better than hot drinks. Maybe it’s the warmer weather. Maybe it’s the fact that I held the couch down for the better part of 3 days with an out-of-the-blue flu bug. 😦 Right now my favorite is frozen banana, mixed blend of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, and milk. And I also like to add…

2. Chia seeds have been filling my smoothies with lots of fiber & protein & iron & calcium. I’ve heard about how good they are for you, but always shuddered at the price and put them back on the shelf. Enter: Cost-Co! My sis-in-law has a membership there and she took me shopping last week. Organic chia seeds: $13.99 for 2 pounds. I was delighted!!

3. Green grass! We’ve got so much rain in the last week, and everything is greening up. Spring is coming!!

4. Coffee in this mug. We just added this one to our mug collection. 😀

5. Anniversaries. Okay, so we’ve only ever had one. 😀 It was fun celebrating one year, even though our weekend plans had to be postponed due to the fore-mentioned flu bug. I think I like anniversaries so much because marriage is one of my favorite things.

6. Blogs that are graciously honest. Shelley hit the nail on the head in this post: Everything Looks Perfect From Far-Away and I like Christy’s perspective in Real Life at Our House. Good stuff. The balance of being honest while writing/blogging, yet not airing all your dirty laundry for the whole world to see.

7. Libraries, books, and drippy days. All at the same time, of course.

8. Fresh decor. It was high past time for the dry prickly pine needles that have been on top of the china cupboard since December to find a new home in the trash. Ick. Now to find a wreath to replace the Christmas one on the door…

9. Happy mail. It never fails to thrill me. 😀

10. Winning!!!!! Just got an email saying I won this giveaway. 😀

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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