Adventures in Sydney [Aussie Photos, Part II]

After being in Darwin for a day, we flew back to Sydney and spent a couple days there. Such a neat city! I had to keep pinching myself that we were REALLY here. Ya know, just walking up the Opera House steps like it’s no big deal.

We took the train to Circular Quay, which is right near the Sydney Harbour.

After having breakfast in a cute restaurant overlooking the Harbour…

…we walked to a fancy-schmancy hotel where Jonathan’s boss had a meeting with someone. I entertained myself by journaling.

Then we got to sight-see the rest of the day. So fun! The restaurant staff told us that the Queen Mary 2 cruise ship had just come into the harbour that morning around 5 am.

A man was doing street art on the sidewalk.

The Botanical Gardens were so pretty. A feast for our winter-weary eyes.

I loved the sign that welcomed you into the gardens. There were people EVERYWHERE picnicking, laying out on the grass sleeping, reading… so neat!

And then we walked right up to… the Opera House!

Continued next time…


3 thoughts on “Adventures in Sydney [Aussie Photos, Part II]

  1. Wow! What fun! And what beauty for winter weary eyes for sure!! Thanks for sharing!! It’s always been a dream of mine to visit australia! So glad you got to go!


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