Better Together

I can’t help but remember last year at this time. It was April 2nd, and we were four days away from our wedding day. I felt perfectly fine the day before, but the very next morning found me flat out sick on the couch. Couldn’t keep anything down for hours, even water. My dear hubby-to-be sat there and fed me Coke by the spoonful every 15 minutes. He was so sweet and caring… and still is. 😀 And in case you’re wondering, I recovered fast and was feeling better again the next day. Thankfully.

We survived both of us having mono within four months of marriage. He patiently endures my forgetfulness when it comes to remembering to fold the socks or pants left in the dryer. (I am improving 🙂 ) He lets me cry when I miss my church family like crazy. We disagree about silly things like how hot the water in the shower should be and whether coffee is better with or without cream. We go on trips and spend hours and days together in the car or airplane, and when we come home and he goes to work, it seems lonely to spend a few hours apart.

Life is just better together.

[This is supposed to be us posing with our “J ❤ K – Australia 2014” sand art. Only you can’t see the writing in the sand. And he was desperately grabbing my scarf before it drug in the sand and I’m laughing because the camera was clicking away]



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