Bursts of Sunshine

Bursts of sunshine in this gray week? [Because I am desperately trying not to complain about this snow and gloom and cold and frightful wind that came close to blowing me away today. Tis hard sometimes.]

News of a friend’s brand-new baby boy. Welcome to the world, Kaysen David.
Catch-up chat with a dear friend over coffee and cookies in my living room. That’ll brighten any day! 😀
Transplanting tiny little tomato plants and dreaming of warm summer days in my garden.
Random just to talk phone call from a fellow newly-married-and-living-far-from-home friend.
Breakfast and coffee chats with my dear PA family. 😀
Stepping in a quiet greenhouse and feasting my eyes on flowers! Green! Spring!
Looking at last summer’s pictures and remembering strawberries and flower pot beauty.
The stack of mail waiting at the post office yielded two wedding invitations and one lovely hand-written card.
Singing at the bedside of an 87-year-old great-aunt. Precious.
Robins hopping around in the snow and singing away. They must know spring is just around the corner. 😀

Happy Thursday, everyone!


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