Aussie Photos

After a day & a half of flying, which is undocumented because I forgot to charge my camera battery before we left (thankfully I brought the charger along)…

…we arrived to the Darwin tropics. Ahhhhh! Sunshine and warmth. Bliss! It was all I could do to keep from giggling with giddy excitement. (Hey, it had been a very long time since we felt sunshine that was WARM)

Before supper that night, our friend Bluey took us out to the Darwin Harbour.

…and then we ate at a delightful Greek restaurant by the water. The food was delicious!

Us in our jet-lagged traveling tired state. Happy to be there!

Saw a beautiful sunset before we left the Harbour. My camera couldn’t do it justice!

We stayed in this cute little cabin. Oh, that bed felt so heavenly, after 30+ hours of travel.

I got a lot of amusement out of their different ways of saying things:

Give way, rubbish, telly, footy, ring someone, good on you, straight away, and car park were some of my other favorite words or sayings. They abbreviate everything — television becomes “telly”, football becomes “footy”,  and air conditioning becomes “air con”. Very fascinating!

Their terms for coffee drinks were interesting, as well. Instead of ordering a coffee with cream, or a black coffee, you would order a “long black” (black) or a “flat white” (coffee with milk). Brewed coffee cost just as much as lattes, so you can guess which one I drank a lot of. 😀 The cost of food is insanely high in Australia, because their wages and cost of living are almost double ours.

Bluey took us to a coffee shop for breakfast the next morning, before we headed to the airport.

Jonathan & Bluey having one last business discussion before we flew out. I asked him why he’s called Bluey, because that’s not his real name. He said that Aussies call people with red hair “Bluey”. (Apparently his hair used to be red)

And then we boarded the plane and flew back to Sydney. The flight crew remembered us from the previous day and were shocked to see us returning so soon. They even gave us free drinks & food. 😀

Continued next time… {Adventures in Sydney}


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