Back to Reality

If I would have Instagram, yesterday’s post would’ve looked like this:


[There would’ve been no pictures though. Tired and jetlagged people are not meant to be photographed.]

Today is better. A full night of sleep can do wonders. I donned my cheery red sweater, brewed some coffee, and spent the whole morning grocery shopping so I actually have food to cook with. There is the mountain of dirty laundry to dig out from under, and we have revivals at church every night this week. Plus there is lots of farm work, so we are hitting the ground running. [Side note: I had a slight panicked second today where I questioned whether I was driving on the right side of the road. Heh!]

It’s so good to be back doing normal things in our little house. Traveling is fun, but there is just no place like home. 😀 Even though it is still cold around here — it was supposed to be spring when we came back! I must say, the summer-like temperatures we experienced for the last two weeks spoiled me. I WANT SUMMER. (We are pretending the 1-3 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow isn’t going to happen)

Sneak peek for the next few picture posts:


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