How To Fight The Winter Blues

Where I’ve been?

Immersed in life. Words are dried up or there are too many things that cannot be written about. Some things that cannot be expressed take up too much brain room. Thus, no blogging.

I miss it though, and I want to keep on writing — and try harder to find things to write about and share. Even when I’m not feeling terribly inspired. So. I’m challenging myself publicly to blog more often. Check back on Tuesdays and Fridays for new updates. If I find myself itching to blog more, there may be bonus posts in between. 😉

Stay tuned for book reviews (I have a pile of books to read on our upcoming trip), a new series on hospitality, a look through my lens in the land down under, and a post feature on travel tips. Coming soon!

: : : : :

It’s been a long winter in Pennsylvania. Who would’ve thought we’d still have snow on the ground on March 8th? Craziness. And there’s another possible storm coming through next week.

How To Fight The Winter Blues

Make homemade doughnuts with friends.

Go out for a lunch date with friends.

Make chicken pot pie. It’s wonderfully comforting to eat in the winter.

Go for a snowy drive.

Have someone over for coffee. Bonus points if you’ve never had them over before. 😀

Have peanut butter pie and coffee with someone special.

Do something special for someone, like give them granola. Or take a meal to neighbors in need. Or give someone a gift just because you like them.

Spend the day with special friends. Especially if it’s your birthday! 😀

Visit your family, especially if they live far away.

Brighten the house with fresh flowers. (These are obviously Valentine-y but any flowers will do 🙂 )

Take heart, for spring is coming!

What do you do to fight the winter blues?

P.S. Don’t forget to turn your clocks forward tonight.


2 thoughts on “How To Fight The Winter Blues

  1. This week my winter blues buster was to host two wonderful friends from Ohio for a few days. Should keep me going through another snow storm. 🙂


  2. I’m curious about your recipe for chicken pot pie. The filling looks like the same one I make, the recipe which came from Aunt Ginnie years, years ago. The original recipe uses a celery seed crust which I still love, but to save on time I started making it with biscuits on top, which my family still prefers.
    I haven’t hosted anyone this winter (not during the day, have had company in the evening and Sunday lunch) but have been hosted by two different friends, which has been nice. I’d like to do a tea sometime, but so often my work schedule gets in the way. Maybe someday…


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