{The Weekly Daybook, III}

[Travel Edition]

{Written on Tuesday… so this is a couple days in the past}
Outside my window . . .

City streets, busy people commuting, and cloudy skies. This is not what I normally see out my window! We’re in CA for a business conference, so I’m sitting in the busy lobby way on the strategically placed easy chairs beside the huge glass windows. It’s not as warm as some tropical places, but let me tell you, 65-70 degrees feels amazing when one comes from cold and snow and windchills.

I am thinking . . .
about how technology is both aiding and hurting us. It’s been really interesting to observe people the last few days in places like the airport, streets, and this trade show. So many people walk around just glued to their phones and Ipads. They sit in restaurants with two or three other people, and all of them will have their gadgets in front of their face. They walk down the street on the phone. They fiddle with their phone instead of striking up conversation with the person beside them. I’m certainly not condemning all technology – it can be so helpful, for example: last night we weren’t sure where our hotel is, so in a matter of seconds, Jonathan was able to pull up the location and directions on his phone. The downside is, I see so many people becoming distracted so easily. We don’t know how to be quiet or still.
I am creating . . .
….images on my camera. I’m trying to remember to take pictures more often — to document our life and to capture beauty and memories.
…a food photobook. So much fun!
 am reading . . .
“Words” [Ginny L. Yttrup]
“Not a Fan” [Kyle Idleman] Eye-opening frank look at the difference between Jesus fans and followers.
I am hoping . . .
to eat at a somewhat normal time tonight. Our schedule has been so wacky this week, that we haven’t eaten supper any sooner than 8 pm. That feels like 11 pm to our eastern time zone bodies, and eating a huge meal so late is… odd. Not to mention not so great for the stomach.
Around the house . . .
This little gem of a planner is my current favorite. LOVE it. It’s laid out so nicely and is very attractively designed.
An interesting link . . .

I am thankful for . . .

Little coffee shops to escape the sameness of the convention center. 
The opportunity to travel with my husband.
Being able to see and experience new things. {The California coast, redwoods, flying over snowy mountains, flying as a couple}
One of my favorite things . . .
This. It does my heart happy just thinking of the beauty of dipping my feet in the ocean.

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