Christmas Past & New Year Present

Well hello, 2014. You snuck in rather quietly, and I’m left wondering how you’ve already been here a week?

My great intentions of posting a timely Christmas post fell along the wayside sometime last week. The Christmas season went by way too fast for my liking, so I’m still listening to Christmas tunes, singing carols like, “Let it Snow!”, and leaving the greenery up for awhile. Tell me I’m not the only one like this out there. šŸ˜‰

: : : : :

*Insert post started way back when and pretend it’s still December*

Ahhhhh. Christmastime. That time of the year that everyone loves. [Well, everyone except maybe a few Stooges]

This year it seemed to ZOOM by. I’m still catching my breath and wondering where Christmas went already. So many good times, this season.

*Christmas party with some old Ohio youth group friends… felt just like old times. (Thanks Titus & Dru!)
*Extended family get together with hilarious Bingo games.
*Family Christmas dinner with my family
*Teaching the siblings new games and playing late into the night. šŸ˜€
*That moment when it started snowing like crazy (HUGE flakes) in town the day before Christmas… it felt magical. šŸ˜€
*A special Christmas Eve supper with my love.
*A fun 24 hours at the farm complete with a tea party on the Eve and a meaningful Day filled with family, nice gifts, yummy food, and games. šŸ˜€
*CandyLanes with the cousins. Bob Evans, freezing temps, fun rides — terrifying & relaxing alike, lights everywhere, hot cocoa with “the works”,Ā  lots of laughter on the train, and eggs at midnight. HAPPY!
*Annnnnnd… THIS amazing gift from Jonathan! I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was exactly what I was picturing for our entry. šŸ˜€
I got to see this little boy!
And played lots of games!

: : : : :

We celebrated the New Year with friends, at a large party. Great food & games, a friend’s engagement, and remembering a year ago. šŸ˜€


New Year’s Eve 2012 is when we got engaged, and New Year’s Eve 2011 was when he asked me out. Two life-changing questions and decisions on that date the past two years… this year was much quieter and uneventful. šŸ˜€

And just for fun:

Last Christmas and this Christmas. šŸ˜€

: : : : :

A few glimpses of Christmas decor around here. I mostly brought in greens, red berries, then added candles and a few handmade decorations. Simplicity is how I like it. šŸ˜€ I’d like to eventually collect a few more items.

I made the JOY banner and loved how it fit the old window look.

The jars have a dusting of water and salt inside… a brilliant idea from my sister-in-laws, who go the idea from an aunt. šŸ˜€

China hutch. I pulled the sign out just recently and loved how it fit the wintery feel.

The trunk was a wedding gift from a friend.

Peppermint candles on my stove.



: : : : :

I’ve been thinking alot about the New Year. I love the fresh clean new slate that January brings. I’ve been seeing different people blogging/facebooking about their “watchword”. Basically they pick a word to live by for the year. A reminder of something they want to focus on or strive toward. I have never done it before, but this year I’m beginning.

My watchword for 2014 is Intentional.

I want to be more intentional about how I spend my time, how I can serve and bless others, and how I spend my days here on earth.

Here’s to fresh new starts in the New Year!

Have you ever picked a watchword? If so, what was it?


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