Silver Bells

“Silver bells… silver bells! It’s Christmas tiiiiiiime, in the city!”
Huge snowflakes are falling, lights are twinkling, and the city streets are snow covered.
I hurry into the circulating glass door where a life-sized Nutcracker stands vigilant in the very center.
Ahhh. Warmth. A plush hotel interior welcomes me.
So does the fragrant smell of Starbucks.
I wistfully cast a glance at two ladies chatting over their lattes in the corner and continue on.
Resist temptation, Kristin.
Ding, ding, ding.
The elevator opens and I hurry in.
It’s just me. And two black men in a discussion about how they wish they’d bought more of something (I’m not sure what) because of a new law they just heard about. (?)
Up, up, up. I get off on floor 26.
The view is fantastic.
Car lights twinkling. Snowy streets. Buses all lit up with Christmas lights.
Train whistle announcing its downtown commute.
Comfy room. Nicely made bed. Clean towels. [So nice to have a maid]
The brain is full, full, FULL.
Lots of info about CSAs, marketing, nutrition,
organics, GMOs,
and oh so much more.
Me, at a farming show. Who would’ve known?
Fascinating books to browse and put on the mental wish list.
[Amazon has proven itself far cheaper than buying now]
Folks, This Ain’t Normal and Eating on The Wild Side and Nourishing Traditions
look especially good.
People to meet and connect with.
Met a lady from West Liberty, OH and ran into some business friends from Dayton, OH.
Love finding fellow Buckeyes!
I try some chocolate organic raw milk ice cream from the Amish food stand.
Ummm, interesting.
And now… supper with friends.
Good night!

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