{Snow Day}

Back when I was still in school, snow days were SO fun. šŸ˜€ We went to a small church school and were notified of delays or cancellations via a phone hotline. I will never forget the thrill of the phone ringing in the morning and hearing Mom say those happy words, “School is cancelled!” And when it was delayed, there was always the hope that they would end up cancelling. I liked school for the most part, but it was always nice to have a change of pace.

Then I graduated and started working. Then I hated when it snowed, because I hated driving in it. (Still do) Snow days weren’t quite so exciting anymore.

Now that I don’t have a job anymore, voila. I’m back to lovin’ snow days! Let it snow.

Today we got our second snowfall of the season. I’m still getting used to the view out the window– we haven’t had snow on the ground since we moved here and I am amazed at how much lighter it makes the house seem inside. Sun reflecting off the snow, and all that jazz. I wasn’t all that thrilled about getting out of bed this morning, but the news that we had a couple inches of snow on the ground already helped a little. (There was still moaning and groaning, much to the hubby’s amusement. Too many late nights lately)

View out the front window. I’m too lazy to go outside and take a picture of our house… so you’ll just have to look at the neighbors.

See those mailboxes across the road? Well the one on the right is the one that I check faithfully every day in hopes of happy mail. Make my day, anyone??? Christmas mail is SO FUN. Today the plow-the-driveway man brought the mail in for me. (Two pieces of Christmas mail!!!) And then after he’d plowed most of the neighbor’s driveways, he came back and had coffee with ME. And to top it off, he hauled the trash away too. He’s a keeper. šŸ˜‰

Snow days are perfect for…

…sipping a steaming cup ‘o coffee with whip & crushed peppermint.

…making a batch of homemade healthy (and scrumptious) granola bars.

…blogging. šŸ˜€

…keeping the dryer humming and the clean clothes piles folded.

…burning peppermint candles.

…whipping up a batch of soup & bread bowls for supper. What is your favorite kind of soup??

…filling the house with lilting Christmas music.

What is your favorite thing to do on a snowy day?


3 thoughts on “{Snow Day}

  1. You sound so happy!
    That part about “had coffee with ME” made me do a double take and made me laugh too.
    We’ve been eating a lot of yummy soups lately too… I made a soup that was like a combo of Mexican Beef soup and Beef & Barley. We had a Chicken & Br rice soup last night using grilled chicken patties from Fr.Mdws for the chicken.


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